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Erbi Breez Software Update Available - v1.5.5

Erbi Breeze Software Update

Greetings from the Erbi Biosystems Support Team,

Thank you for being an Erbi Breez user. We are writing to inform you that an update is available for the Erbi Breez software- v1.5.5. This update is available to you at no cost.

To schedule a time to update, please contact the applications support team by replying to this email and letting us know you are interested with some available dates and times.

Release notes for Erbi Breez Software v1.5.5:

IMPROVEMENT: New panel added to simplify offline pH Recalibration process

  • Allows all steps to be completed on a single screen
  • Ability to automates the previous process
  • Workflow simplified

IMPROVEMENT: Reconfigured Setup panel - Calibration setup redesigned for easier setup

  • Allows the points to be adjusted easily

IMPROVEMENT: Feed names are now shown on Prime panel and all filling messages and no longer Feed 1, Feed 2, etc.

Please send additional questions or requests for upgrade information to

Thank you,

The Erbi Biosystems Support Team

+1 (617) 299-2800

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