Limited cells from donors, expensive media?

Using the Breez microbioreactor for T Cell culture

The Breez 2 mL microbioreactor for cell therapy development

Application Note:

Are limited donor cells and expensive media limiting your process development?

The Breez enables you to run significantly more experiments from the same limited materials, generating more knowledge to optimize and create the best process. Up to 400M T cells in 2mL gives you the data you need while nearly eliminating media, growth factor and other LV/reagent costs.

Learn how to get going fast by downloading our App Note on T Cell culture using the Breez. 

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Cell Therapy Presentation at ESACT 2022

Kevin Lee, Co-Founder, will present at ESACT 2022 describing the performance of the Breez reactor in CAR-T therapy development. June 26-29, Portugal.

Visit Erbi's distributor, I&L, at booths 34 and 35

Can’t make it to ESACT?
Let us know if you'd like to receive the video of the presentation and slides and we'll email them to you after the event concludes.

Continuous Bioprocessing Online Forum

June 16, 11am-1pm ET. Tune in and zoom over to listen to the pitfalls and successes of industry leaders in continuous bioprocessing, including:

  • Joseph Shultz, VP Evelo

  • Chris Hwang, VP Transcenta

  • Andy Topping, VP FujiFilm

  • Simon Hawdon, PI CPI, UK

Discussion led and moderated by our very own continuous bioprocessing expert John Bonham-Carter.

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