Limited cells from donors, expensive media?

The Breez microbioreactor for cell therapy process development

The Breez 2 mL microbioreactor for cell therapy development

CAR-TCR Tech Slam Presentation:

Continuous Perfusion Dose-Scale Bioreactor for Cell Therapy Process Development

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Watch Erbi's Chief Scientific Officer, Brad Hamilton, present his "Tech Slam" presentation from the 2022 CAR-TCR Summit.

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Tech Notes

Optical Density

Cell density is a critical variable in all cell culture because it can affect outcomes such as cell growth, cell phenotype, and protein titers. Traditional cell density monitoring involves daily sampling and staining, which is labor and time consuming. To overcome this challenge and enable hands-free monitoring with robust control, bioreactors may be outfitted with sensors to measure cell density and allow close-loop control of the process.

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Optical Density Tech Note

Mixing and Gas Transfer

Discover the novel mixing and gas system of the Breez, which delivers exceptionally high KLa to support intensified processes, yet provides controlled low shear efficient mixing. The inter-relationship of the gas transfer and mixing enables the exploration of various process parameters to optimize productivity and quality.

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Mixing Tech Note

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